The Letter…

I made a letter when I was 21 years old, it is about me, and it is about my prayer to God. This is the content of the letter:

“Dear God, please give me more strength and hope to finish my study. This time is really difficult for me; my parents are having a financial problem. I am running out of financial support to continue my study. But I will not give up, just be on my side, and hug me with your love. Lord please takes care of my family, I love them so much, give them more life and blessing to come. And last lord; provide me a good man that will love me unconditionally. When the right time comes I want to get marry.  Amen .”

I kept this letter in my pocket, but after a month, it gone. I don’t know where it goes.

And then I found out that my mother saw it, read it and keep it, and then told it to my father.

It is sound funny, I don’t have to be afraid of because I did not say anything bad on the letter but somehow I felt ashamed on my part.  I just want to keep it secret. It is my fault not making sure to put it in a safe place where no one will going to find it.

And now  after 8 years, We visit my parents to together with my 2 years old son. My mother open conversation about the letter of mine which she kept from a years. She told me  ” Be brave  take care of your family, stay positive keep the faith in God. I want you to be happy , i know you are facing some problems without us. That is the life  you choose,but i know you’re gonna over pass it”

I am lucky to have him as a mother , I admire her so much. Thank you mother for everything.

That’s it for this day…have a good day!





About the Author

” Brave girl more than a man, living with Faith and love from the almighty God”

I wanna introduce myself in simplest way. A caring mother a loving wife simply as that.

I lived in a full of different colors of life. And different emotions made me as whole. I learned to be wise, to be a fighter and to be a good person. This blog will serve as my share of thought in life and i hope, somehow i can help even in this way.

I don’t have any material things to be proud of, I  only have Love and Faith.

Enjoy reading!